Submit Your Own

Join the campaign and submit your own photo or statement. We only post photo statements that use our original poster format, but we do read all submissions!

Some additional notes about submitting to Who Needs Feminism:
- Include your picture and the text of the statement in your picture
- We prefer that you submit your image as an attachment, not a direct URL link. Do this by using the drop-down option in the top left corner of the submit box and choose to submit as a photo (the default is set to text). This will give you the option to upload and attach your image as opposed to just providing a direct URL link (we often have trouble loading and posting these on our end).
- Note that because of the high volume of submissions we receive it may take a couple of weeks for your post to go live on the site.

If you are having trouble making your submission or have questions regarding a submission you’ve already made, send us an email at If referencing a specific post, including the URL to that post will allow us to address your question or concern quicker.